Eddie Hall - World Strongest Man - Photoshop Composite

As part of our annual shoot with Eddie Hall for Alpha Designs in the UK.

This was one of the concepts we had for Eddie this year. Basically, its sort of a Superhero theme,

" He Lifts so much weights, He can mind control them". Magneto kind of a theme.

Final Image

Final Image


All elements were shot separately as we had limited time with Eddie, then everything composited later in photoshop.

I took a few photos of Eddie with different facial expressions and actions till we got what we want exactly.

Then as you see below, i had to shoot as many weights as possible with many different angles, so they look as real as possible when composited.

Weights planned to be placed close to the camera are to be shot in the same manor, same goes to further back weights. as it will vary in the angle of view and perspective.

And finally , Putting everything together in photoshop.

I created a little video showing how everything came together in photoshop.


hope you enjoy it :)

If you have any questions please drop me a line below in the comment section, i'll be more than happy to answer.